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Remember that this activity is something that your dog needs not only to satisfy his needs but also to exercise and be able to relate to his surroundings, beyond the limits of your home.

So, with a lot of patience and with coherent and concrete rules, both of you will surely be able to enjoy a stressful, enjoyable, and fun outing.

Avoid anxiety

Many dogs get anxious when they know the time is coming for a walk. So put the strap on only when you’re calm.

Try to keep calm before going through the exit door. Stop if you get impatient again. And you come out before him. It must be clear that you will guide the way and not him.

On the street, if he wants to run wildly, taking you almost to the drag and yanking on the leash, you must interrupt the march until he calms down.

You should also be very careful not to come into contact with dangerous substances or aggressive animals that can trigger a fight.

Organize different activities

If the setting is suitable, the ideal is to alternate the walk with moments of play with your pet.

And since training should be something every day, take the opportunity to reinforce what you have learned or teach new orders.

Another option is that you use this time to exercise yourself and, in addition to walking, choose to run or perform an exercise routine in the company of your dog.

Let him be a dog

The walks your pet not only to burn energy and relax but to freely deploy his dog instincts :

  • Mark territory
  • Track different odors
  • Relate to your peers

So give him time to develop these “doggy moments” during outings, too.

Spend enough time on walks

To the best of your ability, take your pet for a walk three times a day.

Keep in mind that a long walk before you go to work can be synonymous with a relaxed dog, which will not get bored or break things around the house when you are alone.

Chances are, he or she sleeps for a good part of the time that you or the rest of the family are away.

Prefer not too long straps

In this way, you can better control unforeseen situations such as confrontations with other dogs or trying to pounce on a pedestrian.

Be calm and confident.

You must make your pet understand that you are dominating the situation so that he does not decide to take command.

Reward your dog

To highlight his good behavior during the walk, treat him with caresses, compliments, or some candy.

Avoid the hours of extreme temperatures.

Both in summer and winter, we must avoid going out in those hours when the weather is less favorable.

Keep the same hours.

This can be applied to both meals and walks. This way, you can synchronize the outputs with the moment of making your needs. Remember, then, to bring the necessary elements to be able to dispose of your excrement.